UPDATES!! Michele Traina is the new Host for What’s Up NY

Michele is a performer, educator, and creator of multiple performance brands that carry a thread of healing through humor. She has toured around the country from Stand up to Shakespeare. Michele earned her Masters in Educational Theatre from NYU and has her principal, supervisor, and theatre teacher certifications in the state of New Jersey. In 2013 she founded Propbox Players, a theatre company for young audiences geared towards inclusion and performance for diverse learners.   Her one-woman show How to Be A Successful Teacher was in United Solo Festival in 2012 as well as multiple other performances in the tri state area.  She continued her one-woman show ‘train’ when she was getting divorced by putting her diary on the stage. Michele created Divorce Diaries in 2013 and it has evolved into a one-woman comedy show that laughs at life’s beautiful mishaps.

A Jersey Native, Michele’s work has a trademark accent and physicality to it unlike anyone else.  She’s fiercely energetic and uses her own challenges in life to motivate and inspire her practice as an educator and performer. Michele’s obsession with coffee, high kicks, and running literally everywhere. Her favorite role will always be mom to her beautiful daughter Grace.