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Seen Divorce Diaries we love to post of your experience and hear your favorite part, we also like to hear about your divorce diary!
  • Lots of Luck!

  • Amazing. and such talent… you bring laughter to an area that at the time doesn’t give you much to laugh about especially with all that is going on…… keep doing your thing

  • It’s sure nice to have some humor about the D. All new jokes are awesome. It’s nice that you can give Michele a subject to make jokes about and she can rock it out.

  • Enjoy listening to the Lives! It’s Great! From Loveland, CO!

  • Rosemarie Ferrante January 27, 2021 at 11:16 pm

    Thank you Michele for bringing joy and laughter to CT last February, what a fun night!!

  • I just recently came across your Instagram feed. I must say it is quite entertaining. I love your humor. If you ever make it to Detroit I’d love to grab a cup of coffee with you. Keep living your best life!

  • Michele gave my clients the perfect Valentines Eve comedy show……Divorce Diaries!

    Everyone loved the stand up and “meeting” all her exes, but for all the lawyers in the group “Who won the argument” Improv was the big hit. I anticipate this idea becoming part of our Continuing Education Courses!

    You want to make your clients laugh? Zoom Michele in for your next party or event and get ready to have entertainment that leaves your people laughing long after the show is over!

    (Warning: Everyone will talk like they live in New Jersey for about one-hour.)

  • Sending love from Iowa!

    Your comedy is great and I listen to your podcast on the way to work! Sharing my Divorce stories (and married ones) with you on Twitter has made me feel like I’ve made a new friend! Hope to see your show in person someday.

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